Corporate social responsibility

Digital technology adoption and transformation. We promote digitalization by improving community work, businesses in rural areas, education and productivity in the workplace.

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Corporate social responsibilityCorporate social responsibility


We offer digital and technology sponsorship to start-up businesses and community development organisations with office automation. We look beyond talent and offer schools with Wi-Fi installation and equipment for their computer labs. Digital inclusion.

Saving the planet

We are considerate of the carbon footprint. We put consideration and plan for the use of renewable energy and making energy work well in our services.

Youth employment

We believe in inclusion and responding to unemployment by employing and giving access to South African youth, freelancers, interns and graduates in various fields. All stakeholders experience quality service and we assist in preparing youth for the future world and the workforce.
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We would love to have you join our team, applying to work with us is a quick and easy process. It is the right place to grow your technology skills and expand your knowledge in the digital age, to prepare you for the future world and enhance your skills. With the unemployment rate and covid-19 setback in the economy, we have made it our priority to respond and create more jobs to help ease the unemployment crisis. We have jobs in the different departments, please check the page regularly to see our latest job advertisements. Dido is a flexible and ever-changing company, with an adaptable culture, latest technology and opportunities to grow in the digital space. There are great perks and reasons to join the company. Drop your CV and all required documents for a role posted which suits your career goals and future.


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