We are a black-owned independent (level 1 BEE) African Information Technology & Communications Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The changing global economic landscape towards automation and the embracing of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, IoT is the catalyst of our growth and core discipline.

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What we do

Digital transformation and innovative solutions to expertly service both private and public sector. Our solutions include design, installation, full IT support, operations, and maintenance. We provide simple but efficient solutions to measure output environments, giving our clients the tools to effectively manage expenses and services.

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients and partners with solutions and services that have a minimal impact or change to the already complex Digital world.
  • To be an integrated Managed ICT provider, offering a comprehensive suite of consultation, custom development, implementation, and management services.
  • To be a strategic partner in providing quality Managed IT services.

Our Vision

To be a recognised player in providing bespoke ICT and document management solutions. At DiDo we offer a wealth of experience in the arena of IT and document management, not only in managing our software to provide the best results for an organisation's reporting, but also to better understand data management in the areas of: Cost effectiveness, Device effectiveness, User demand and Usage and savings through print waste awareness.

More About Us

We are proud of our contribution to the transformation of the South African economy and society. applies a clearly defined methodology that delivers sustainable business improvement across organisations. Our approach is executed using proven project management and service management methodologies, resulting in long-term sustainable partnerships between Digital Documents and its customers.