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Companies that embrace a Managed Print Services approach and implement a comprehensive output management strategy can realise substantial benefits such as:

Our process



We want to understand what your business is going to achieve, both in the short term and long term. Then we measure and analyse how information arrives into your business, what happens to it inside the business and how it is used to deliver results. We’ll look at your input, throughput and output patterns and your key business document processes, giving you insights which you may not have thought possible.



We will provide a series of actionable solutions, addressing input, throughput and output as well as processes, sustainability and working practices. Transform: We will implement your Managed Service by putting everything we have learnt about your business into practice. Full document and information lifecycles are addressed to make sure the right people in your business have the right information at the right time. And core business processes that cross departments, offices and even countries can be rewritten to improve your competitive advantage. Naturally, we ensure security is kept at the forefront of any document process.



Ongoing governance is essential to ensure the objectives we set are being achieved. We implement valuable management tools to give you a clear view at all times and the information you need to make decisions. Then, we look at service and support mechanisms to ensure maximum productivity and user satisfaction.



As you know, nothing is ever static in business. So we help you build flexibility and scalability into your company so you can grow with your documents rather than being burdened by them.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of the entire print fleet

Lower operating costs and optimise asset utilisation

Utilise electronic document formats, usually in internal and customer transactions

Reduce the number of vendors you work with and embed more control and transparency

Right size your printer fleet on a local, regional or global basis

Improve fleet uptime and increase employee productivity

Implement clear and consistent print policies to help reduce costs and control output waste