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Service details

DiDo Digital Document provides expert solutions for your software and aplplication development needs You can engage DiDo in whatever way best fits your business needs, whether it is outsourcing an entire project to DiDo or utilizing our consultants to fill specific needs. Selecting DiDo as your software development partner assures you have access to the technology experts you need without the time, expense, and overhead required to bring new people on your staff.

Our process


Software Consulting & Implimantation

Dido delivers customized business software solutions with a focus primarily on corporate, government and financial sectors. With proper analysis of your IT environment we deliver solutions with cost efficient resources and on time. Dido delivers expertise in software solutions through a combination of on-site and off-site model. Our experienced pool of software professionals have expertise in the latest technologies. Dido has the capability to customize, implement and support third party software solutions.


Software Localization

Software localization is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. This process is labour-intensive and often requires a significant amount of time from the development teams.


Proactive Management

DIDO's proven project management strategy sets clear expectations for both the development teams and our customers. We know you are busy so we track the daily status of our projects and give you reports every week, or as frequently as you require. We hold status meetings with you at least twice a month to make sure you stay involved in the development process. We have familiarity with a number of development methodologies and have chosen agile methodology for most of our projects. This methodology gives us the ability to stay productive and deliver software as promised while allowing flexibility to adapt to our customer's changing needs.


Putting Together A Quality Team

It's always a challenge to quickly assemble the right team. DIDO has consultants with a broad range of technical expertise who are regularly completing projects and starting new ones. Customers value the freedom of partnering with DIDO to be up and running quickly with a great team.


Forging Partnerships

DIDO builds partnerships with you, our customer, by actively coordinating with the business and technical groups in your organization. Open communication channels ensure a mutual understanding of crucial business objectives, prevents duplication of effort, closes gaps, and establishes smoothly running, long-term relationships vital to successful delivery.