Information Technologies for green economy has been attracting enormous interest worldwide. As businesses, households and the public sector gradually choose to embrace green technologies and practices, the potential exists to create a substantial number of new job opportunities and to facilitate reskilling.

DIDO is highly involved in the renewable energy to take an opportunity of growing the economy and providing job opportunities that are needed in the green economy. Through our consulting unit, we have been advising municipalities in South Africa on alternative technologies to deal with energy generation.


DIDO Digital Document provides expert solutions for your software and aplplication development needs You can engage DIDO in whatever way best fits your business needs, whether it is outsourcing an entire project to DIDO or utilizing our consultants to fill specific needs. Selecting DIDO as your software development partner assures you have access to the technology experts you need without the time, expense, and overhead required to bring new people on your staff.

IT Infrastructure Services

At DiDo Digital Documents (Pty) Ltd. reducing infrastructure management costs is no longer enough. You must drive business value by focusing on innovation and performance optimization. Our extensive experience in applications and infrastructure management, consulting and virtualisation technologies helps your organization achieve new levels of business performance. And we can help you become more productive, with new ideas on helping you embrace a more collaborative, flexible and global approach to business.

IT business process support

Our service enhances adherence and compliance with regulations and license agreements. Maintain strict and up-to-date controls over application access, as well as software and hardware inventories.

IT maintenance & consumables

You'll choose from brand name computers the industr's top names at prices simply not possible anywhere else. But that's just the beginning. We also carry a vast inventory of components: motherboards, processors, hard drives, optical drives, cases and more. You'll find emerging technologies as well, because at the end of the day, we love what we sell:
- We offer the industry's highest-quality products at the lowest-possible prices.
- We back every product with a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee.

Managed Print Services

Companies that embrace a Managed Print Services approach and implement a comprehensive output management strategy can realise substantial benefits such as:

Managed Document Solutions

DiDo Digital Document's Managed Document Services reaches far beyond the realm of print. Our focus on end-users and incorporating change management to engage employees means we can make long-term improvements to your document processing and business efficiency. Through on-site and off-site services, our consultants and project managers learn about your needs. And when we evaluate your unique needs, we always consider the most critical component of continuing success - your employees.