DiDo Digital Document's Managed Document Services reaches far beyond the realm of print. Our focus on end-users and incorporating change management to engage employees means we can make long-term improvements to your document processing and business efficiency. Through on-site and off-site services, our consultants and project managers learn about your needs. And when we evaluate your unique needs, we always consider the most critical component of continuing success - your employees. Improving the management of business documents, the information within them and their value across an organisation requires close examination not just of the technology used to access and distribute information, but of the processes that underpin how it is managed and the way employees create and use the information. Our approach is to look at the people, processes and technology within an organisation - and optimise each element.

With DIDO's Managed Print Solution clients can:

- Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of the entire print fleet
- Lower operating costs and optimise asset utilisation
- Utilise electronic document formats, usually in internal and customer transactions
- Reduce the number of vendors you work with and embed more control and transparency
- Right size your printer fleet on a local, regional or global basis
- Improve fleet uptime and increase employee productivity
- Implement clear and consistent print policies to help reduce costs and control output waste 


Often, the number one obstacle to making improvements or changes to your document processes is employee resistance to new software, hardware, or different ways of doing things. DiDo's goal is to better understand the way your employees work so we can support them in being more efficient in their document management.


We go beyond pure output to look at the whole document process from input, throughput to output - how does information arrive into the business, how does it flow around the business and how do employees get access to it when they need it? Through reengineering the document process workflow and improving input and capture, distribution and workflow, we ensure your employees get access to the right information at the right time.


We look at all technologies in your organisation in relation to information management; hardware, software and systems. We consider industry best practice and using DiDo's expertise, we implement the technology that meets the needs of your business.