Consulting & Professional Services

Practice helps you evaluate and plan infrastructure technology. We assess, design and build a modern, more dynamic infrastructure that aligns with industry best practices. Benefit from our unique combination of onsite expertise and project management and highquality delivery. We provide strategic technology direction for data center design and assessment. For example, we help customers determine how to best leverage vitualisation, cloud technologies and cloud services in ways that best meet their needs.

Managed Services

Our solutions reduce administrative overhead, allowing you to focus on strategic opportunities, and deliver consistent and measurable infrastructure improvements. Our Managed Services team helps IT drive business value by solving infrastructure challenges throughout the enterprise.

Proactive Management

DIDO's proven project management strategy sets clear expectations for both the development teams and our customers. We know you are busy so we track the daily status of our projects and give you reports every week, or as frequently as you require. We hold status meetings with you at least twice a month to make sure you stay involved in the development process. We have familiarity with a number of development methodologies and have chosen agile methodology for most of our projects. This methodology gives us the ability to stay productive and deliver software as promised while allowing flexibility to adapt to our customer's changing needs.