Information Technologies for green economy has been attracting enormous interest worldwide. As businesses, households and the public sector gradually choose to embrace green technologies and practices, the potential exists to create a substantial number of new job opportunities and to facilitate reskilling. DIDO is highly involved in the renewable energy to take an opportunity of growing the economy and providing job opportunities that are needed in the green economy. Through our consulting unit, we have been advising municipalities in South Africa on alternative technologies to deal with energy generation. We have done research on green economy such as hydroplant, biogas, and biomass to mention but a few.

Power Solutions

Since our main focus is consulting in the new technologies for the sector, our approach is to work with experienced companies that specialises in electrical installations in all aspects of the electrical industry including industrial, HV and LV reticulation, township and rural reticulation, smart metering, maintenance of substations and transformers, transmission and distribution maintenance. We specialise in mass rollout of solar water heaters, solar home lighting and small power, solar street lights and solar high masts across South Africa and offer the following services:

- System Supply
- Installation
- Commissioning
- Maintenance, and
- Project Management

Renewable Energy Solution

DIDO is investing extensively on the research for new technologies for green economy in South Africa in particular and Africa in general. We have done extensive research on biogas technology that is currently in its final pilot in Thialand. The technology utilizes organic waste to produce gas which in turn can produce electricity. For Hydroplant, we have a technology that is produced in Germany for new turbines that saves electricity usage by 10% compared to the current technology. The abundance of natural resources in South Africa and Africa makes it attractive for the business to invest in Wind Farm, Solar Farm and Biofuels, thus the company seeks forming JV with experience and established companies in the field of generating and producing energy through solar, wind and biofuels technologies.