DiDo Digital Document (Pty) Ltd is an independent South African Information Technology & Communications company. DiDo continuously develops solutions to expertly service both private and public institutions. All of our solutions come with installation, support, technical assistance and maintenance. DiDo provides a simple, efficient solution to measure output environments, giving organisations the tools to start effectively managing expenses and savings Our service strategy: In an era where service has become a defining factor for customer's choices, organisations struggle to find the balance between delivery of a service, the cost of the delivery, and customer'S expectations. This is where Digital Documents measure and manage philosophy revolutionises businesses.

Our Mission:

To be an integrated IT & Document Solutions provider complete with technical support, offering a comprehensive suite of consultation, custom development and implementation and management services. To assist our clients and partners, by providing detailed reports and management of today's digital environments with minimal impact or change to the already complex IT world.

Our vision:

To be a recognised player in providing bespoke ICT and document management solutions. At DiDo we offer a wealth of experience in the arena of IT and document management, not only in managing our software to provide the best results for an organisation's reporting, but also to better understand data management in the areas of: Cost effectiveness, Device effectiveness, User demand and Usage and savings through print waste awareness.


Increased profitability with clear, measurable results. 


DiDo is a wholly black owned and managed company that subscribes to the codes of good practice as set out by the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act. We ensure compliance in the spirit of development, empowerment and good corporate citizenship. Among our main objectives as a company is the development of skills of both our employees and general society. To this end we ensure that our company be a catalyst in skills transfer and development.

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